I’m realizing more and more that my music taste is all over the place.  From country to classic rock to gospel you never know what song is next on my playlist. Most of my music is tied to memories. For example, even though I’m not a huge fan of Katy Perry I love her song Roar. It always reminds me that I’m capable of whatever I put my mind to.  Not just because of the cheesy lyrics but because it comes with a really good memory. 

Back when I was in high school I used to help out a lot around the school.  My school was helping to start an outdoor education program in our school board and so I of course ended up helping out.  Loving kids and the outdoors meant it was practically my heaven.  So lunch the one day, me and a few friends are hanging out having lunch when they start setting up a karaoke machine.  They wanted to have a little celebration at the end of the day for the kids.  We decided to have some fun and sing a few songs ourselves when one of the directors comes over and asks us to sing roar in front of all the kids at the end of the day. Guess he thought our little rendition of it was pretty entertaining.  To be honest, it really was. Me singing plus two boys getting way too into the background singing and the chorus. Their roars were very impressive, simba would have been proud lol. Those woo oh oh oh oooohs were one of the most enthusiastic things I’ve ever seen in my life. 

I was ridiculously nervous and probably would have said no if it weren’t for the guys talking me into it and getting pumped.  I’m really glad they did though because it has always been a dream of mine to sing in front of a crowd.  I’ve been part of choirs for as long as I can remember but I could never get the guts to do a solo.  This was my little solo in front of maybe 100 kids, a few other teenagers my age and some adults.  

It was amazing! My voice broke at one point and we were definitely more to the just plain funny side than talented but I had a ball.  To top it off one of the little girls came up to me afterwards and said I was the best singer.  In comparison to two boys yelling and making lion noises I shouldn’t have been surprised but it really meant a lot to me. 

Maybe my singing obsession is just another mommy issue I have because I do have a very distinct memory of me and my friend when I was maybe 10 where my mom complimented her on her voice and said she should be a singer when we were singing together.  In fact I have no memories of my mom ever complimenting my singing even though she would compliment other girls in my choir. 

Maybe I don’t have a stellar voice but it isn’t bad and plus isn’t that what mom’s are supposed to do, compliment you? Especially as a child.  But I’m realizing that in many ways my mom isn’t the best at doing what mom’s are meant to do, no matter how much she’s insists she is. 


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