Turning Around

Have you ever felt like everything is just wrong. Your job, your house, your family. Just everything. Maybe you even thought other parts of your life were great. Like your vacation, that was going to be amazing. You couldn’t wait for it. But then its like the poison that has seeped into your life somehow messed that up too, to the point you barely enjoyed it.

How does that even happen? I think sometimes it just does, but it’s up to us how long it hangs around. Now please, dear God, learn from my mistakes and don’t let yourself mope around with that attitude for a month like I did.

Today, the fog lifted. Not even joking though there was so much fog tonight and it was beautiful. I let myself enjoy it. I took the long way home and enjoyed every beautiful minute of it. I sat outside and read even though it looked like it was about to downpour and enjoyed every last drop of sunshine. I went for a walk around the block for no reason other than I felt like it and out of nowhere, between houses I saw a deer. Then not two steps later the cutest raccoon. And right after a bunny. And I’m talking I’m in a random neighbourhood in Toronto where there should not be deer. And then not two seconds after these other animals literally house after house. I’m describing it horribly and you’re probably thinking big whoop she saw some animals, but for the first time in a while I was finally feeling like I was in the right place at the right time.

Normally, I would take the ugly normal route and let the storm stop me. Normally, I wouldn’t go outside cause it looks like it’s going to rain so what’s the point? Normally, I wouldn’t take a random walk in a boring neighbourhood. But today I said screw it, normal obviously isn’t working. I need to stop finding excuses for why I can’t do what I want, or enjoy myself, or be happy.


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