So I live right near a nuclear power plant, I’ve lived near it my entire life. My dad has worked there and very soon I’m going to be working there. Normally I don’t even think twice about it. But I’ve got to admit that when they test the alarm system it kinda reminds you that nuclear power plants can be dangerous. 

It was just going off two seconds ago and I knew it would because they had left a message on every phone around here about it. Weird part is the thing wasn’t even that loud. Like quiet enough I definitely could have slept through it, which is very reassuring in the case of an emergency. Maybe the joke my dad’s always saying about how we are in the fast fry zone has more truth to it then you’d think. 

Another thing I’m just realizing is I have no clue where the alarm sounds came from. Its not like there are big megaphone around here our anything. I’ll give them that, they hide their sounds system well. Honestly its just a normal neighborhood around here. If it wasn’t for a giant power plant beside our beach you wouldn’t even know.

You probably think I’m crazy if you have no experience with nuclear energy. But I promise I didn’t drink any cool aid. Thing is you can’t constantly think about it and it really doesn’t affect your life that much. You get used to having a big hunking power plant there.

Plus you may not realize but people who fly often tend to get more of a dose of radiation than a lot of workers at power plants. Same for people who get a lot of CT scans and X rays. Heck eating a banana even gives you about as much radiation as I get from living near a power plant for a year. So before you think I’m crazy for being so calm just look this image over.

If you have any other questions about nuclear energy just ask. But please dear God do a little more research before believing the publicity stunts that go around telling you it’s all bad. Nothing is all bad.


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