Realistic. Cliche. Plausible. Why do we even use these words. Let’s be honest, I do too. I’m always saying how things sound corny and so they aren’t as nice sounding. It drives my boyfriend crazy. But honestly what are the purpose of these words.

When we read stories we have our own worldviews and perspectives which skew them in our own way so how are we to say if a story is unrealistic. Why does it even matter if a story sounds cliche.

If you have two real stories side by side how can one be less plausible than the other? Maybe it’s not that either is more plausible its that we cannot believe other truths than what we know. 

I’m starting to realize that the level of cornyness I percieve has nothing to do with the level of truth things hold. So whats the point of even observing the cornyness?


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