What it means

Sometimes in life the littlest things take on way more meaning than they appear to.

For example when Tony Robbins was young his family did not have much money so when a stranger came to their door on thanksgiving with food it was amazing. But to Tony it wasn’t amazing for the food, it was amazing because someone he didn’t even know cared. When he said that one line at the conference I almost started crying. It was just so beautiful.

Sadly, it appears to be a two way street. I was just biking home tonight when I could hear that a car was about to come past. I usually get a little nervous especially at night because you never know how close they will pass to you. Well I didn’t have to worry about that with this car. Just as I was relaxing since they didn’t pass close and saw me even though it was dark, I see something white out of the corner of my eye fall. At first I wonder if something fell out of my pocket but couldn’t think of anything white. Then I realize that some complete strangers just threw a snowball at me.

I was so mad. Well I still am, it just happened. When I got home and got off my bike I checked myself over almost to see if there was still snow on me so I could justify it. And then when I realized that I was trying to justify my anger, I also realized that I was perfectly fine. And it was a beautiful starry night which I usually stare at with my head up like an idiot but instead I was too distracted being mad.

It still makes me mad that there are people who would be, in my case rude, but in other people’s cases just plain mean for no reason. At least I can hope that there are more people caring about strangers.

Really the only thing I can do about it is

1) get over it, being mad is making it worse

&       2) be the stranger to care about people


lets make sure there are more of those type of people in the world


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