Best friend

There is something beautiful when you and your best friend are so similar that you are surprised to find a difference between the two of you. 

Me and my best friend/housemate were talking tonight about books, and people we admire, and movies, and well everything really. But we realized that she finds books will stay with her and bother her more and i find that movies do. I can read a thriller book like girl on the train or the kite runner and be fine. It won’t haunt me. But i watch the movie and something about seeing it makes me feel so much more. Makes me have nightmares about it. Makes it too much sometimes. Wheras for her it is the exact opposite.

It’s funny how that happens because we are practically at the point where we finish each other’s sentences (let’s be honest we are at that point already) and yet we are still finding out new things about each other. Like a few months ago we realized that we both had the sane favorite movie. I guess three years isn’t that long to know somebody and yet I feel like she’s family.

I’ve never had this close of a friend. The kind of friend that’s a sister. Not that i haven’t had best friends, but I’ve never been this close with a friend. Unless you count my boyfriend that is because he started out as a friend himself. It’s beautiful to have that in a friend though. With a boyfriend i kinda expected that because i would settle for no less. It was either date someone i love with my whole heart and trust completely with all of who i am or nothing. None of this dating for fun for me. I wanted to date someone that i could see marrying. Guess that’s why i took so long to finally agree to go out.

I had kinda started to lose hope that i would find a friend like that as well. Someone i was sure about and could show my entire self and they would understand. I am so happy that i didn’t have to.
I found out recently that my friend whose family is in Africa and whose friends are in England plans to live in Canada… I could have cried of happiness. I can’t imagine a love without her without getting sad. Just realizing that there is only really a month left that i will live with her makes me tear up everyone i think of it.

I love that girl. With more love than i thought i could ever give a friend. Thank God that he proved me wrong. 

If you’ve read my post about university you know how bitter and upset it makes me and how far below my expectations it fell. But i realized yesterday, if all i get out of university is her then that’s more than enough.


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