I’m spoiled

I’m realizing that I haven’t felt lonely in a long time. The past few years I have just been spoiled with love from my boyfriend, my friends, and family. I’ve definitely had random sad lonely moments but I haven’t felt truly lonely for any period of time for years. Probably not since my boyfriend went away on vacation for a month two summers ago but that was more boredom than loneliness.

Being on vacation in a beautiful place I know you’re probably thinking what the hell is this girl talking about being spoiled in love. She’s obviously a spoiled brat on a tropical vacation that she’s not even paying for. Which is true. I know I’m really privileged to even be able to be here. Honestly, when I go in vacations I feel a little guilty because there are so many people out there who need money just to get by and here’s my family living in luxury. To clarify my family is not rich. They just save up and spend their money on traveling rather than cars and beautiful houses and other things.

But now I’m really off topic, as usual. Just realizing how lucky I am with all the people I’m surrounded by back in Canada. Mainly my boyfriend and best friend. I miss them like crazy. One of those things you don’t want to admit. I should be so happy on vacation but I’m going a little crazy from not talking to them. So grateful to have them in my life.


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