Family Vacation

I am so excited! In one day I will be on a beach vacation with my family and I could not be happier. I’ve been feeling a little distant from my family the past year since I have not been going home as much to visit and I am really looking forward to spending time with them and catching up, not to even mention how I’m looking forward to the beach and relaxing and reading. Heck I was practically late for class today because I was downloading E books and completely lost track of time. I haven’t had time to read for so long!

It’s funny because in first year university my family was wanting to go on vacation as well but I was so exhausted and was missing my boyfriend so much that I really wanted to just relax and stay home for the break. Whereas now that my boyfriend is nearby and I haven’t been going home every other weekend like I did in first year I couldn’t want anything more than to go on vacation with my family. Hell I have been counting down to this! Even now I should be studying for a midterm I have tomorrow but I just had to let out some of the excitement.

I’ve just felt on top of the world lately. I’ve got a boyfriend who loves me, amazing best friend who I am lucky enough to live with, great friends at school who I am lucky to be getting to know better, and a family that I already know is great but I never get enough time with. Or at least never get enough time with some of them.

To be completely honest me and my mom have always butt heads and I honestly believe we have a much healthier relationship when we are not living together. It almost always seems to happen that when I go home we fight to the point of crying over something stupid. Last weekend it was her implying that me and my brother would drink so much of this trip that we would go swimming and drown and then me saying it was pathetic that she thought that and getting annoyed and how she doesn’t trust us. For some context me and my brother are not heavy drinkers and never have been, we are both very cautious people. Anyways, I am going to be living with all of them for 16 months when school ends as I got an internship back home!

I was really hoping to get a job back home so I could spend some time with all of them but the closer it gets the more I worry about fighting with my mom. We’ll probably fight at first but then settle down. But anyways this was supposed to be a happy post not one filled with all my over-thinking. Guess it’s too late to turn it around because I better get back to studying.

Hope you are all feeling as happy as I am right now! … even if you’re overthinking in the back of your mind you can still be happy. Cause c’mon over-thinking never really does turn off, does it? it definitely doesn’t very often for me haha


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