follow up

So yesterday I kinda got pissy over a video I watched and I thought more about it and realized there was really nothing to be so mad about. I still don’t agree with the guy but I’ve realized that there was one reason I  got so mad over it. Figured it out when I was watching a Tai Lopez video, I think it was called Tai Lopez on money and happiness. It was an interview and he said something that really got me thinking. When you dislike people, you usually still have the same values as them. Because really unless you are a murderer or something we all have a lot of the same values. The difference is that you prioritize your values differently and that is what bothers you about the other person.

If you didn’t read my last blog I got annoyed about how this guy compared your goals to your children. He literally called both his “offspring”. But that’s just because he prioritizes his goals and purposes in life higher than his children. Not that he doesn’t value his children. Whereas mine is the other way around. Which, to be honest, makes sense for someone writing a blog about how they don’t have a purpose.


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