I know, shocking that I would write about this. But I was thinking about it again tonight. I was feeling adrift. Like I wanted to do something I would enjoy and I could think of things that I enjoy but I didn’t feel like doing any of them. They either seemed like a chore or seemed like a waste of time, I must have better things to do than watch more tv and Christmas movies. I must.

So, I phoned the boyfriend. Talking to him was one thing I finally thought of that I wanted to do. He had just found this guy on youtube that he has been watching all the time called Grant Cardone. And sure enough this guy has a video called “Pursue Your Purpose”, which sounded perfect for how I was feeling, so he recommended it. So I’m watching it and the first thing I’m greeted with is I guess the name of this guy’s “show” on youtube and it is called “Knowledge for Men”. So right of the bat I’m a little pissy. I’m sorry, women don’t have purpose? how in the world is the stuff you are talking about only relevant to men. But I know I’m over reacting, it’s only a title. I do tend to be on the critical and judgemental side when I see new things so I decide I’ll let that one go for now, it’s probably just me overthinking.

But when I keep watching it is all good until he literally compares your dreams to your offspring. Maybe that doesn’t infuriate you yet, but wait for it. This was before he said how his money, successful book, MARRIAGE AND KIDS were not enough. And before he said how he dislikes guys who “abandon their dreams but then say they are a good father”. I’m sorry, people who’s kids are enough to make them happy and fulfilled are who you don’t respect in life? what the actual fuck.

Honestly, my biggest dreams in life are to have a great happy marriage and kids that I love more than anything. If that makes me feel fulfilled with life I would be so happy about it. Hell I would be celebrating. That feeling of love you get from a family is all I need in my life. My job, house, car… whatever. I don’t even care. Maybe I’m settling but I think it is the best possible thing to be settling on and I couldn’t stand to hear someone rip it apart like that.

If you want to hear it for yourself here’s the link, it’s about 15 mins in



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