I went for a bike ride this morning and I started to notice how people who bike or walk in nature are a lot more likely to say hi, smile at you, or even just give you the “farmer head nod” as my dad would call it. I feel like I get acknowledged when I am out on the trails more than all my other time combined and I don’t even go biking or hiking very often. Maybe the people you see out enjoying nature on their own, are more likely to acknowledge other people because the kind of person who makes time to appreciate nature is willing to make time to appreciate other people as well.

Really think about it though. How often do the people around you completely ignore you as you walk past. How often do people look away, look at the ground, look at their phone right when you get near them because they are uncomfortable. It is definitely more of a city thing but I find it really sad that it is rare for someone I don’t know to even acknowledge that I am right there beside them. I know we are all in our own worlds but seriously, is it so hard just to smile at the people you see throughout the day.

I swear some people even find me creepy for acknowledging them. I’m sorry for smiling at you while I walked past, didn’t realize that was now considered creepy. ‘Cause supposedly there is something really wrong with even looking at the faces of the people around you if you don’t know them. It must just be common courtesy to ignore each other and look away now a days, I guess I just missed that lesson. How did it even get to this?

Thing is I can almost understand why they think I’m creepy for looking at them, or smiling at a stranger as I walk past. Because when people are too friendly you start to think about what they want. Like when I meet guys usually one of my first thoughts is if they are just being friendly or if they are flirting. Because if they are flirting then they want something from me and the moment I mention my boyfriend they will disappear never to be seen again. I find that so sad. The saddest part of that is that if you were interested in me only to date but not as a friend you must have not at all been interested in my personality or who I even am. I was just an object to you. Someone who could fill the slot of girlfriend and once that wasn’t an option I was worthless. We shouldn’t think of each other like that. People have worth just because they are people.If you are another human being then you automatically qualify for a smile or a hello, or just to be acknowledged. We need to stop using each other and start realizing that everyone deserves a smile whether you know them or not. How are you ever going to get to know anyone if you don’t even acknowledge the ones around you.

Maybe you don’t want to all the time because sometimes you just want your space. And that’s fine, I get it. If you see me in the morning I’ll probably have my earphones in and be barely acknowledging even the people I do know. I’ll be dreading seeing people I know because then I’ll have to talk and I just am not a morning person. And that’s fine. People are allowed to want their space sometimes, and some people more than others. But what I want to see is for people to stop purposely ignoring  everyone around them because it is the social norm. Who gives a shit what the social norm is. Lets make the social norm being friendly instead.


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