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So I live right near a nuclear power plant, I’ve lived near it my entire life. My dad has worked there and very soon I’m going to be working there. Normally I don’t even think twice about it. But I’ve got to admit that when they test the alarm system it kinda reminds you that … Continue reading Nuclear


Sometimes I wonder if there is something fundamentally wrong with me that I barely spend any time thinking about the future. When asked whether I spend most of my time in the past, present, our future, I answer past no hesitation and expect everyone else will too. See the thing is, is that I was … Continue reading Future


Realistic. Cliche. Plausible. Why do we even use these words. Let’s be honest, I do too. I’m always saying how things sound corny and so they aren’t as nice sounding. It drives my boyfriend crazy. But honestly what are the purpose of these words. When we read stories we have our own worldviews and perspectives … Continue reading Corny

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